Friday, December 21, 2012

anti-monopoly committee: Ireland

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just wanted to say it's not all Tesco/Marks & Spencer/Debenhams/Next and Penneys here in Ireland - there are so many awesome small businesses which are happily small-scale and different from all the mega-stores and uk franchises. They are always worth checking out and supporting because they have individuality talent ability to surprise with new creations and finds - and the spirit to carry on on a daily basis and offer unique beautiful natural and nature inspired eco-friendly wares...


Dr K Soap Company said...

Thanks so much! Lovely collection of handmade Irish goodies :) Happy Christmas!!

Angela - Mungo + Midge said...

Love the sentiment behind this post - there are so many more interesting places to spend your than on the High Street. Better quality and better value too!

Thanks for including Mungo + Midge in this lovely collection!

Carrie said...

Thank you! You are so right, I used Etsy and my local crafters this year more than ever and the experience is so lovely and so personal.
Thanks for including Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography in yor piece - you wee sweet heart xxx

ProjectSarafan said...

@Rob thanks for the man soaps I received from you recently, they smell and look lovely and will make great gifts!

@Angela, I totally agree. you get so tired of High street stuff - no satisfaction there.

@Carrie, I also tried to buy handmade as much as I could this time, and will keep doing so. thank you for your kind comment

Happy holidays!