Sunday, July 1, 2012

This week - Friday

I painted another screen and it took pretty much all day. I got a screen which - like all available screens - had soaked layers of dyes from previous uses so I could hardly guess where I started painting. After layers and layers of painting and drying with a hairdryer the picture came forward and although I felt I haven't finished, it was time to finish - pull it through the screen over fabric with this binding/fixing agent, then dry it and steam it for about 30 minutes. The photo above shows approximately what I thought the finished result would look like, with the exception of those light bubbles which resulted from me not stretching the fabric well enough.
And below are a few pictures of the work in progress, including a photo of Mel Bradley, our teacher preparing the fabrics for steaming. 

the last photo above is the dry print just before the binder went on and before steaming. After steaming the binder becomes hard and hides the image so you have to wash it off with water. Unfortunately when I washed mine almost all of the dye came off for some reason. You could say any result is a positive result except that I will never know why the image disappaeared after washing.. Ah well.
The good news - excellent news - is that I am doing another 5-day course next week - introduction to photography. At last I am hoping to learn a few tips on how to use my camera properly.