Monday, May 7, 2012

vintage opera

I spent the weekend in London with an old friend and although it's far from my first time in London - wow - London is the city to live!
Have I mentioned that I love chatting with friends? I absolutely indulged in that this weekend. And since this was a child- and husband- and care-free weekend, I got to go to Victoria and Albert Museum in my own time and my heart skipped quite a few beats at the sight of all the embroidered pieces which I wish I could examine closer and not from behind the thick glass.
But! The most important event of all was our incidental visit to the Barbican Centre where we saw Einstein on the Beach, a cult 1970's 'opera' by Philip Glass. It is 4.5 hours long and the audience is allowed to come and go if they wish. We were half an hour late (regrettably!) but the rest of the time went so fast I couldn't believe when it was over. It was totally my thing. Repetitive hypnotic music throughout with lots of 70's computer age stage design elements, amazing choreography and stamina of the performers. Right now I am spaced out by this, listening to the CD of it all the time.. and what pure luck that I came across this event. However, I am of the strong view that nothing is accidental.
Einstein on the Beach is on tour until January 2013, leaving London shortly and will play in Canada and the US, Netherlands, Mexico and China in the next few months. I only wish for a chance to see it again.