Friday, December 17, 2010

On Slippery Slope Bloomer

Blue Bird Corset
                             The 'Audobon undies': Above: Blue Bird Corset
Below:  high waisted old fashioned control top grackle undies

The 'Audobon undies' are painstakingly decorated with hand-drawn ornithological themes based on prints by a US ornithologist J.J. Audubon.

high waisted grackle undies
 I stumbled upon Slippery Slope Bloomer's shop on etsy and I felt strongly about all of it: from the fact that this business is based in Alaska, the Victorian feminine and sexy design of the pieces, to the ornithological hand-drawn detail, the bold and naughty styling, the honest photography, to the fact that the setting for some of the shootings appears to be a cemetery and the models look trashy and like they are up to no good.

I like it when I feel this strong about something, I think it is something to do with inspiration.

high waisted bikini with pockets
These bikinis are made of vintage bedlinen and (quoting the desinger) 'holy awesome!' - have pockets!
Custom orders are taken!

Yellow Breasted Chat Slip

Quail Slip

Gannet Corset

 And she looks like she is off sunbathing on an Irish beach!
high waisted bikini with pockets


Zvet said...

интересная находка, мне очень понравилось описание концепции.
На мой вкус бордовый ансамбль просто великолепный. Очень рада узнать, что таким безумным делом как переработка вещей успешно занимаются многие дизайнеры. У меня все сомнения блуждают, продолжать ли в этом направлении.

KaftanSarafan said...

сомнения, намерения, дилеммы... все это мне хорошо известно