Friday, December 17, 2010

On Slippery Slope Bloomer

Blue Bird Corset
                             The 'Audobon undies': Above: Blue Bird Corset
Below:  high waisted old fashioned control top grackle undies

The 'Audobon undies' are painstakingly decorated with hand-drawn ornithological themes based on prints by a US ornithologist J.J. Audubon.

high waisted grackle undies
 I stumbled upon Slippery Slope Bloomer's shop on etsy and I felt strongly about all of it: from the fact that this business is based in Alaska, the Victorian feminine and sexy design of the pieces, to the ornithological hand-drawn detail, the bold and naughty styling, the honest photography, to the fact that the setting for some of the shootings appears to be a cemetery and the models look trashy and like they are up to no good.

I like it when I feel this strong about something, I think it is something to do with inspiration.

high waisted bikini with pockets
These bikinis are made of vintage bedlinen and (quoting the desinger) 'holy awesome!' - have pockets!
Custom orders are taken!

Yellow Breasted Chat Slip

Quail Slip

Gannet Corset

 And she looks like she is off sunbathing on an Irish beach!
high waisted bikini with pockets

Monday, December 13, 2010

a visit in the country

We were paying a visit in the country on Sunday and the first thing I saw when I came in the kitchen was a hen looking at me through the window steamed up by all the things cooking in the kitchen, inviting us to go out. the hen stayed there for quite some time, allowing me to fetch the camera and take a shot...

then there was a hen chase...

 Although I am not a huge nature lover, the air was fresh and envigorating, it was as quiet as quiet can be in the countryside and the colours looked pretty, and so I took these pictures.

Friday, December 3, 2010

3 days in m√ľnchen

some "postcards" of Munich from a weekend ago:

couldn't help noticing that all the windows in the buildings of Munich are properly double glazed and in impeccable order, not a rotten sash in sight unlike here in Dublin. All the facades look like they've been just painted.

The Christmas fair preparations were in full in swing in the Marienplatz area with some stalls already set up and totally respectable looking people queueing to the mulled wine kiosk. We joined that queue needless to say and the mulled wine was good.
our table in the popular Augustiner am Dom in Frauenplatz 8 (next to Marienplatz), traditional food and beer and atmosphere

This 'postcard'above is about being lazy on a holiday and of course food. We certainly had to try (twice) the German/Bavarian speciality, the saurkraut and sausages, the pretzels with bits of salt, unfiltered beer. (The second time we were wiser and ordered one portion of sausages to share between the three of us.)

Time went by too quickly, and we made some plans for our next getaway. It was unequivocally resolved, firstly, that we enjoy each other's company immensly, secondly that next time we should eat less, and instead may be engage in an activity that we could all enjoy. Basket-weaving (my idea) was boo'ed so instead a wine tasting course was agreed on as an option.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sounds of the day

Antony and the Johnsons, The Crying Light from The Crying Light album