Monday, November 8, 2010

I Made a Soup

This post was born because of an invitation to share one's cravings in a lovely blog, enhabiten, which I came across through etsy recently. I am not a great cook (quite terrible actually) but when I want borsch there is no one else to make it so I make it myself. I cook dinners for my family but I'd much rather not (and they know it).

So here is a growbag on top of our kitchen roof with beetroots at the background and the dry sticks are what's left of the peas, and some unknown weeds. And on the right is  a neighbours' cat admiring the dull view of the backs of our houses (and our poor beetroots).
I didn't know what to expect when I got my husband to climb up on that roof and bring me down the beetroots. The poor things survived on their own without any watering or other care. No wonder they are so dwarfish.


Nonetheless the borsch was made and although it doesn't look that appetizing, like everything I cook, it tasted quite yum! A few beetroots left will go into a beetroot salad.

Ideally I prefer to have it with dill but dill grows poorly in Ireland so parsley is a good substitute. I grilled some rye bread dipped in garlic and parsley oil to go with my soup (shown above pre-grilling).


Zvet said...

Приятного аппетита!
Enjoy your meal, it looks terribly appetizing!

KaftanSarafan said...

Thank you Zvet, it's all gone!