Thursday, November 18, 2010



These are very intricate origami koi (carp) by MABONAORIGAMI 

Purist- The Mobile

Mobile by maisyandalice...

3 tiny bowls bought a few years ago at a craft show, by an Irish pottery artist whose name I don't know. One of the bowls is signed BL...

my beautiful kimono...

The little origami cranes were included in the package by the seller. So nice.

I am happy today:

1 lovely Nancy from Australia received her Moonlight Garden blouse and she loves it!
2 the sun is shining and I am making my first kaftan (the name of my shop was well planned in advance and now it can be justified)
3 I am off  to München tomorrow really early in the morning for a weekend with my friends.

This reminds me of this, toootally inappropriate in relation to all of the above, forgive me):

auf wiedersehen!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today we have had a beautiful frosty morning, and now there is not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brightly giving me plenty of light to do some embroidery. I am making this

and I am listening to this (among other things):

Fingers crossed, the blouse will be finished this week.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Made a Soup

This post was born because of an invitation to share one's cravings in a lovely blog, enhabiten, which I came across through etsy recently. I am not a great cook (quite terrible actually) but when I want borsch there is no one else to make it so I make it myself. I cook dinners for my family but I'd much rather not (and they know it).

So here is a growbag on top of our kitchen roof with beetroots at the background and the dry sticks are what's left of the peas, and some unknown weeds. And on the right is  a neighbours' cat admiring the dull view of the backs of our houses (and our poor beetroots).
I didn't know what to expect when I got my husband to climb up on that roof and bring me down the beetroots. The poor things survived on their own without any watering or other care. No wonder they are so dwarfish.


Nonetheless the borsch was made and although it doesn't look that appetizing, like everything I cook, it tasted quite yum! A few beetroots left will go into a beetroot salad.

Ideally I prefer to have it with dill but dill grows poorly in Ireland so parsley is a good substitute. I grilled some rye bread dipped in garlic and parsley oil to go with my soup (shown above pre-grilling).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Windows of Rural Russia

These photos made me happy this morning. Photographer Ivan Hafizov takes photos of old window casings all over Russia in rural towns and villages. Interesting how they all reflect a specific character of the area they come from. I love to look at the reflections in the glass, and sometimes you can have a peek through the windows.

In Izhevsk (a town in the West of Russia), the look I am more or less used to.
 Резной деревянный наличник города Ижевск
love love this - the background pink and the criss-cross branches with some berries remaining

Резной деревянный наличник города ИжевскРезной деревянный наличник города Ижевск

Резной деревянный наличник города ИжевскРезной деревянный наличник города Ижевск

From Irkutsk in the south of Russia where average temperatures through the year are below 0°C. These casings are gianormous, very ornamental and usually have shutters which is unusual for Central Russian windows. The windows are usually high, even the ground floor windows are placed above an average person's height. They look almost unfamiliar to me.

Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск

Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск

Резной деревянный наличник города ИркутскРезной деревянный наличник города Иркутск
modernised and renovated with pvc
Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск

an aloe vera plant warm and cozy inside (above)

Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск
gone on holidays. so elegant, wonderful colours

Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск
Резной деревянный наличник города Иркутск

'we used to be the fanciest in our street' 

From Krasnoyarsk in the south. Again, a totally distinct, very geometric, stylized, art deco feel about these casings. In Krasnoyarsk windows are much lower than in Irkutsk, sometimes you have to kneel to photograph a window. All shades of blue seem to prevailРезной деревянный наличник города Красноярск

Резной деревянный наличник города КрасноярскРезной деревянный наличник города Красноярск

on a tight budget, probably. love the tiny 'airing window' - will let some fresh air in in the winter but won't let out too much heat

Резной деревянный наличник города КрасноярскаРезной деревянный наличник города Красноярска

Резной деревянный наличник города КрасноярскаРезной деревянный наличник города Красноярска
love the one above, it's honest simple, ascetic even, and full of style at the same time

Резной деревянный наличник города Красноярска
this one is 'for sale'. and it'sitting on the ground.

Myshkin is a tiny town in western Russia. These are its windows:
Резной деревянный наличник города Мышкин
my great-grandmother's house outside Moscow had window casings similar to the one above

Резной деревянный наличник города Мышкин
Резной деревянный наличник города Мышкин

In Borisoglebsk (south-west)
very flaky

In Yaroslavl Area (west of Russia) window casings are very ornamental, full of filegree detail
'I am different'
and these are more typical for the area.

There are so many more in Ivan's collection, I could go on for hours. Here is just a few more picks from my favourites from these areas:
Nizhniy Novgorod (in western Russia):


Nizhny Novgorod district (west):

Murom (west)
lovely ethnic feel about this one.

Needless to say exterior window dressing used to be very important in Russia. Primarily, the symbols carved in the casings of windows were designed to protect the inhabitants just in the same way as the symbols used in embroidered clothing were designed to protect the wearer.
All photos (C)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sounds Of the Day

Since I am a musical kind of person, i.e. I always obsess about a tune or song or composer or band, and since I liked taking note of my recent infatuation with Nick Cave's music, I decided to record my musical passions from time to time or even regularly. And why not on the first day of every month. I might change my mind later, if I find it too often or too seldom. Song of the day today happens to be Sick Muse by Metric, light and easy listening:

Metric - Sick Muse from Arts & Crafts México on Vimeo.