Monday, October 11, 2010

On Tree of Life

Tree of life is a universal symbol of longevity, hope, growth, wisdom, protection, life itself; also a symbol of relation and connection existing between all things. It has had an important symbolic meaning through cultures and religions, and has been used widely particularly as a motif in traditional embroideries decorating precious fabrics from clothes and personal items to home textiles and gifts. 

 It appears in Russian (and other Slavic) embroidered clothes and towels usually made from linen and embroidered with silk or woolen thread in rather geometric shapes (like the two examples below),

It appears in traditional Indian kanthas made from recycled silk saris embroidered in colour silk threads with background permeated with tiny stitches to create relief.

This one, below, (a famous study by G.Klimt for the Stoclet Frieze) simply takes your breath away!

 I haven't seen the Frieze (which is in a museum in Vienna). Which makes me think.. my friends and I seem to have made a tradition out of a late autumn weekend away. We have discussed Vienna as a possible destination for this year's getaway but settled on Munich. I think next year we should definitely make it Vienna, which is supposed to be a beautiful city and the opportunity to see Klimt's works would be one not to miss!


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