Monday, September 13, 2010

On Second Chance Studio

I find creations by SecondChanceStudio totally inspiring. Curiousity chests you could hang on the wall, study, explore, ponder over and wonder about. Shabby bits and pieces processed by humans each with a history of its own, each a little mistery.

The first photo above is 'a typeset box filled with woods (and a few bits of metal & ephemera)' from the artist's collection. 
The second photo above is of a creation made from reclaimed wood and a tool handle.
The Butterfly on the right is made of a 'debristled' hair brush, tool handles and wooden bits set on a metal mesh.

To grow flowers like these (left) you will need (inter alia): a portion of a vintage game, bit of a grinder, ball bearing, spheres from a vintage child's board game, base of an old lidded box; vintage turned wooden stem. Try growing your own! On a practical note, the person who makes things like these could hardly live in a minimalist home...

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