Monday, July 5, 2010

...These warm sunny days I am spending with my daughter and particularly our meals outside in our little garden with fresh homegrown herbs and berries at hand reminded me  of the summer holidays I used to spend in the country, and one particular memory keeps returning to me - that of a besedka (беседка) or gazebo that my next door neighbours had in their garden. It was nothing like a western gazebo. It was typically Russian, an old wooden one, not too small and not too big, painted white, it just had a seat all around, a circular table in the middle and a roof supported by simple posts. It is all one needs in the summer when there is simply no reason to stay indoors - shade and shelter. It is good for having a meal, an afternoon tea, a cup of freshly picked wild strawberries, for having a nap at. What a beautiful memory and what an indispensableinvention for alfresco living. Here are some photos of gazebos I like even though some are taken in winter! This one looks like it is from a fairy-tale, so I couldnt help including it! 

This one looks more  like the one my neighbours had, although taken in early spring: IMG_6609 Besedka (беседка) near Ekaterininsky Park

And here is one more, I find it very appealing because it is inhabited!

Some day I may bea lucky owner of a small wooden besedka. And when I do I will have to crochet a rag rug like my grandmother did, with a texture like this:

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