Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something about my grandmother

I would like to publish some photos of a few things made by my grandmother. Here is a big crocheted table centrepiece (a fruit bowl goes in the middle). This is gigantic (over 1m in diameter). My grandmother has made a number of these on request from family and friends. She soaks them in salt which crystallises to keep their shape! I call them octopi. And these are my first ever tiny socks she made:
These are a couple of embroidered cotton and linen towels made in 50s-60s (part of my dowry:):
This one is my favourite, the work is so intricate. Huge amount of time has gone into it, no doubt:
And here are some of the things much needed in this part of the world where it's almost always cold enough to wear something wooly (these are recent and made by my grandmother out of remnants found at home as she can't go shopping for wool anymore). The slippers are for me and the vest is for my daughter :
The green crocheted shawl is my favourite. Here it is taken with a cushion I made for my etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/kaftansarafan
It is seldom that I don't remember my grandmother when I am making something.

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