Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teaching Self to Make Things

The situation in this part of the world is such that it is possible to buy clothing for next to nothing (we all know that this is because there are people who are willing to make them for us for even less than that). Fabrics and equipment for making clothes are not easily available any more. While I admire the handiwork my grandmother used to do, it was out of necessity more than anything else that she and other women made things for their household. However, my grandmother never stopped making, even when situation improved and she was able to buy things in shops. I am glad I feel the way I feel about craft and making, creating even. I have been buying clothes most of my life, shopping was my passion for a long time until it was time I could no longer find anything I liked in shops. I remember looking at a garment in a shop thinking along the lines of "this is not bad, if only it fitted better, and didn't have this bit here or wasn't this long or short or wide or narrow or had at least a bit of natural fabric in it rather than 100%polyester... Until I became really excited when I decided I am going to try and MAKE it myself since. And I began trying teaching myself the basics of sewing, embroidery, researching the fabrics market, suppliers of equipment... This process is ongoing and it feels unbelievably right - designing, crafting and making. There is still loads to learn but how lucky I am to be able to do it! It no longer matters that clothes and some other things for the home for instance are in abundance in shops in a variety of styles and price tags. It is no more satisfactory to just pay for an item! Let's put some time into design, sourcing materials, making. The pleasure from using a self-made item will be a thousand-fold.. Here I made a list of things I would like to learn-how-to and make, like my grandmother used to: 1. A night gown or a pajamas for my daughter. I already have 1m of organic undyed flannel fabric. I should be able to do this by next winter! 2. Something crocheted like this pretty panel from a 1976 Crochet Projects brochure I bought in a charity shop recently: 3. Knit jumpers and hats/scarves for all the family. 4. This item is most important: Generally, design and make rather than buy things whenever possible.


Eva said...

Glad I found your blog! It will be interesting to follow you on this journey of making things, I think you are well on the way to something wonderful :)

Irina said...

really appreciate your support Eva