Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting the Blog

I guess some sign from above showed me today I should start taking notes of what I do, what happens around me that excites me, of all things beautiful around me. What a great invention - blogging, just what I need. So here it goes... It all began (as long as I can remember) thanks to my granny, the best granny in the world and the most enthusiastic interior decorator and designer I have ever met. She has been sewing and knitting, re-arranging her furniture, making and creating, improving and decorating as long as I can remember her. She still owns the Signer sewing machine, one of those beauties, the sophisticated specimens of design on the mass-production scale, the one with the lacy cast iron table. Her Signer machine is disconnected from the foot pedal though, it has been modified and now has an electric motor of its own! However, it's not used any more as my granny can't see well and her fingers are crippled by arthritis. I recently became a lucky owner of my own sewing machine (a cheap Brother model) and... behold! ... an old Singer base, just the same as my granny's. Here it is: