Tuesday, July 15, 2014


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Lovely summer everybody!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

the voynich manuscript

As I was browsing the internet - pretty aimlessly as one does on Sunday afternoons - I accidentally came across some images from the Voynich Manuscript which immediately grabbed my attention. I downloaded a pdf file of the manuscript from yale university's library website and the more I was looking at it the more I realised that it sent shivers down my spine. There are ca. 250 pages of botanical illustrations and text - but the plants don't exist and neither does the language! Or at least no one has been able to identify them so far. I shared my discovery with my family and we spent hours looking at pages and pages of mysterious fantasy drawings and text trying to come up with our own theories as to the meanings of  the book.

The book was discovered in Italy in 19th c by Wilfred Voynich, a book dealer. The parchment was subsequently carbon-dated to 15th c. It has since perplexed numerous experts many of whom spent decades of their lifetime trying to decipher the texts and meaning and understand the purpose of the book. With many theories existing, so far all those attempts have been pretty unsuccessful.

Here's my two cents: this book is written and illustrated by a young dreamy - and/or very bored - Persian princess with an interest in landscape design and hanging out with her girl friends. While my husband suggested that this book must have been left behind by an alien chef and its title is something along the lines of "how to make women soup":)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Alexey Krasnovsky's exhibition May 1st - 17th


AlexeyKrasnovsky's exhibition will take place on May 1st - 17th 2014 at Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery. These are some of the new works. I am in love with all those blues and greens! Makes you feel that spring is in the air!
"...We do not come away from a Krasnovsky painting unscathed; they are not pretty pictures to while away a moment. They are statements of intent; they are challenges to our personal take on the world around us." - so true...
address: 14 Hibernian Way (off Dawson St), Dublin 2. Mon - Sat. 10 - 6.

Friday, April 25, 2014

easter weekend away: london


Margaret Messager. The Pikes.
Dan Flavin. Monuments for V. Tatlin 1964-1981

we spent a nice long weekend in london, walked a lot, stayed away from the usual touristy spots. this time we stayed in st.paul's area which was nice and quiet and a stone's-throw away from tate modern and the globe theatre. i also managed to convince my family to go and see Stomp and it was great, as usual, the theatre was packed. that city is so full of life, everything is happening there...
have i ever mention that we love london?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

spring celebrations

spring is relentlessly in the air and my nesting instincts are waking up making me want to do 'nesting' things, such as bake, redecorate and even get on with the dreaded spring cleaning!
i scrambled up this collage out of homey cozy things. in my etsy shop

Saturday, March 22, 2014

a little stitching: new-ish design

i just spent the day making this bag which i then packed and posted to a buyer in canada. i came up with the idea for this bag last year and still quite like it. i use this very fifties looking woven kimono fabric with roses, plus natural linen, and i added a little stitching in matching colour. here is the result. ever so surprised how much a tiny bit of hand stitching adds to an item, be it a bag, a piece of clothing, etc.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fresh vintage finds for spring

canape forks, fridge storage, enamelled containers, vintage table lamp: all in the shop

Just wanted to share some of my fresh vintage finds. They are bright, colourful and amazingly up to date. My favourite are the enamel containers from Russia ca. 1970s. Larger ones of these have been used in Russia for storing 'holodets' - which is basically a meat stock or soup cooked with herbs and garlic which turns into jelly when cooled in the fridge. I have a few of these containers and  I keep cheese in them. I like that they are heavy and substantial, and really attractive.

holiday postcards: Amsterdam

my annual touch-base-get-together with girl-friends: a long weekend in amsterdam which coincided with st.patrick's celebrations here in ireland and thus couldn't be timed better: one needs to get away from the madness! amsterdam was cool in every way including the weather. we just took it easy, walked the streets, took a boat trip on the canals, did some sightseeing and all agreed how fantastic it would be to properly spend some time in a place/city, to travel properly, to soak in the atmosphere. some retirement plans were shared - only half-jokingly.